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Moving can often seem overwhelming. Packing, going to a new location and making sure everything is transferred correctly for relocation takes time and is often stressful.

Our Windsor movers make packing and moving easy. We take the heavy lifting out of moving, allowing you to get to your next location easily.

60,000 moves has taught us how to make your move day as smooth and safe as possible.

Our 4-Step Windsor Moving Process

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Pick your date, time and
any extras such as boxes or padding

moving process Winsdor

We arrive on time to carefully load yor belongins

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We drive slowly to your new location and carefully unload

moving process Winsdor

You pay only when you’re completely satisfied with our work

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Moving FAQ

Even though it is not required, many people choose to pay a deposit before their move. Also you can always leave an gratuity for the hired workers who worked hard on your behalf.

The federal regulation requires that all charges be paid before your shipment arrives at its destination. If you have a credit card, an authorization will occur up to two days prior to the scheduled load date and put blocks on any funds charged after this time period has passed in order for them not go through until we hear back from us about approval or denial of our request.

Giving your moving company four to six weeks notice is important if you want them be able meet the preferred delivery schedule. If they have more lead time, then it’s possible for Windsor Movers truck assignment team will find an alternative date that works best with what you need done!


With so many things going on in life, it’s important to find ways of managing the details. Maybe you’ve got a tight deadline for moving or have other obligations that need focusing upon and don’t want any disruption from pick up/delivery services! If this sounds like what your situation entails, then we recommend looking into extra options which will offer more precise schedules tailored just for YOU – talk about convenience!

The time of year, weather conditions and size/weight of your shipment all affect how long it will take to load or unload. The further you need the shipment transported also increases this process greatly – so doubly depending on where they’re going.

Every load is a precious cargo, and we take great care to make sure your family’s furniture doesn’t get lost in the transfer. We section each shipment off from other shipments so that no one gets damaged during shipping.

The Windsor Movers computer-assisted dispatch system utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your shipments are picked up and delivered on time. This innovative technique also takes into account weight distribution, which means you can rest easy knowing they’ll be there when

If you need to change your move date, be sure and contact the coordinator as soon as possible. This will allow them time enough so that any updates can processed accordingly and ensure an accurate estimate, if it will be needed.